Wishbone release 3.0.3

Wishbone 3.0.3 release.


Download release directly from Github: https://github.com/smetj/wishbone/releases/tag/3.0.3

Download updated Docker container: smetj/wishbone:3.0.3


  • Input modules always require a native_event and destination parameter.

    native_event defines whether the incoming events are native wishbone events. destination defines the field in which the incoming data needs to be stored. (default is data)

  • Output modules always require a native_event, selection and payload parameter.

    native_event defines whether the outgoing events are native wishbone events. selection defines the event field to submit. payload defines a template to submit. native_event takes precedence over payload which takes precedence over selection.

    Using wishbone.module.Output.getDataToSubmit() automatically takes care of this logic.

  • Actor.generateEvent() is now native_event aware for Input modules.

  • Actor.generateEvent() can now render templates and template nested in datastructures.


  • From this release on, Docker images are Alpine Linux based.